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Our SharePoint / Office 365 Strategy Consultancy services are built around leveraging the expertise we have built over the years of working with office 365 and turning the separate parts into something that is much more powerful and much more useful to businesses. As a result, We can provide you with Consultants who are experienced with Office 365, SharePoint and the Power Platform today. Our consultants operate across the UK and Globally, working with a range of clients from charities, SME’s, public sector bodies and blue-chip organisations. With years of combined experience our SharePoint / Office 365 Consultants have worked with the full suite of Microsoft Products since their release.

Microsoft has produced some incredible products in SharePoint, Office 365 and the Power Platform but in order to get the most from them, organisations need to plan to incorporate them so that they can make the best use of all the features that it offers. Our Strategy Consultancy service can help businesses identify the key areas within their business can make use of SharePoint, Office 365 or the Power Platform and assist in planning any changes that may be needed in order to leverage the full power of the products available within their organisation. Regardless of whether you already have a system up and running or your not sure if you want to take the plunge our Strategy Consultants will be with you from initial fact-finding workshops through to full-scale project support. We are here to help you.
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Our wide-ranging Industry experience can help you approach problems from a different angle for the best results


From emails and video calls, to file sharing and app creation, we can assist you in integrating all the pieces into one system


With our experience and assistance you will be able to set realistic milestones and time-frames for reaching your goals


Produce a strategy that meets your specific business needs and is tailored to work with you.

Our Strategy Consultancy Services are available with a variety of different focuses, available in the links below:

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SharePoint Strategy Consultancy

Our Strategy Consultancy team are people focused, not technology focused. They listen to you to make sure they fully understand your problem before supplying you with a solution. Our initial fact-finding mission is always free and gives you a detailed report on how to move forward.

We know that many organisations across the private and public sectors are under pressure to keep budgets under control, that’s why we have a transparent invoicing policy. All costs are agreed upfront, if a piece of work exceeds the initial scope we discuss this with you before proceeding, we also include expenses in all costs. What this means for you is no unexpected bills, making it easier for you to track and manage budgets.

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To find out more about our SharePoint and Office 365 services get in touch today. call +44 (0) 7739 870 670 or Email us at: